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Knights of Columbus Ron, Dom and myself

Andy at Cathedral of Montana

Andy in Butte Montana

Heidi and friend

Isabelle and Rosie

Lebrun family and Father Paul

Fr Paul, Mariette and Jean Claude

Pete with gift for birthday

My Birthday Party with the Munsell Family

My Birthday Party with the Munsell Family

My Birthday Party with the Lipinski family

Bob and Ramona

Pat, me and a 'GeoBear' at the San Diego Zoo

Pat and Mary Kay

Mary Kay family

Dada Albertine

Sam and Allain

Willy and Sam Bourguignon

Ed, Viviane and Jean Claude

Ed and Doris Armijo

Doris and myself

Lee and Felix Brin

Brin family and me

Fr Joe, Jean Claude and myself

A Congolese dinner fest organized the Junior Legend of Mary

Time to pick up our choices to eat

Members enjoying their selection of eats

Andy and Bev Lake

The Dinner Crew with the Hilgenberg and Pfrommer families

The Champlin Family

Mary and Vern Newhouse

The Szwaya family

Father Paul and Andy Lake

Bill and Beth Fox

Mr & Ms Mashapure

Joseph Mashaoure

Mashapure Family

Schutte's Family

Me at Ramona and Bob's 'new' home in Wray, Colorado

Me Celebrating Mass in Wray, Colorado

Connie and Jose

Steve Einsten

Hill Family

Bev and her Sister

  Gomez4.jpgGomez' family at the baptism of Ryan in Virginia Gomez2.jpgFamily gathering at the baptism of Ryan Cisneros1.jpgCisneros' family at St Michael in Aurora Laterra1.jpgAngelo, Loretta and John Laterra in their new home in Virginia

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