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I will post some thoughts and ideas from this page on occasion. Please check back for updates.

Holiness: A Roadmap to Joy (requires Acrobat reader)

Let Them Come to Me and Live Brochure (requires Acrobat reader)

Islam: The Church, Inter-Religious Dialogue, and Current Issues. Presented on November 14, 2007 at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Loveland, Colorado

Judgment Day - 10 Things God Won't Ask on That Day!
(Note: If you like this one, you may also download or view a PowerPoint presentation of the same thing but with music.)

The Beauty of Mathematics

The Mystery of the Eucharist (requires Acrobat reader)

Silent Prayer - Loveland 2008

The Hope of Heaven - Loveland 2008 (requires Acrobat reader)

The work of Catechists - Foxfield August 27, 2010 (requires Acrobat reader)

Healing in the Holy Spirit - Foxfield November 21, 2010 (requires Acrobat reader)

Discernment of the Spirit - Foxfield Easter Season 2011 by Brother John Ignatius (requires Acrobat reader)

The Implications of Blaise Pascal's Wager and his Relevance for Today's Faith - Aurora January 16, 2013

(Acrobat reader Available for free here)

Liturgy and Place - Boulder December 28, 2016




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