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Dear Friends,

As human lifes is crossed by the change of seasons, one coming after another, bringing with it heat and cold, rain and snow, fertilizing the earth so that it gives fruits, so the Church displays the mystery of the life of Jesus so that we contemplate the riches of the abundance of God's mercy through which we have been saved and come to walk sternly to the goal of our life, which is our eternal salvation.

With Ash Wednesday, we have started the time of Lent. This period of five weeks is a time of grace that God gives us by calling us to conversion of heart in preparation for the commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus.

The goal of this period of time is that, through fasting, prayer, almsgiving and penance, we pursue holiness and conform our life to that of Jesus who, accepting sacrifice and suffering, died on the cross for us.

Each week of Lent is a reminder of what we have to do in order to come to that goal. The focus of the first week of Lent is on the forty days of Jesus' stay in the desert, where fasting and praying, he came to triumph over Satan by the power of the word of God. We too can triumph over our own temptations when we stick to the word of God.

The second week focuses on the transfiguration of Jesus up the mountain. The glory of the transfiguration reminds us that, in spite of dark moments crossing our life and all the problems and crises surrounding us, we are prepared to a great glory.

The third Sunday reminds us, through Jesus' cleansing of the temple that we are the temples of the Holy Spirit. We have to make ourselves as dwelling place of God.

The focus of the fourth week is the encounter of Jesus with Nicodemus. It reminds that Jesus alone is the one who gives salvation. But, in order to have that salvation we have to change and to believe in him.

The Last week of Lent, through the encounter of Jesus with the Greeks, reminds us that we are mediators of salvation to our brothers and sisters. If we follow Jesus faithfully, we will reign with him.

Let us walk together this period of time as a moment of grace and mercy in preparation for the feast of the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Happy Lent to each one of you!


Rev. Felicien I. Mbala, PhD. STD


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