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Let us sing to God Alleluia!
Let us express our joy in canticles and songs of jubilation
Let us make our joy known to him for the resurrection of our Savior.

Those who hung Jesus on the cross had only one thing in mind
To let him disappear for ever before their face
To have his memory and his teaching go with him in the tomb.

God’s plan, however, was eterwhise
He wanted his sufferings to bring healing to the world
And so, he has become the source of salvation for those who believe.

The risen Lord is the foundation of our faith
If he did not rise from the dead
People would remember him as we do with personalities of human history.

Like the Pharaoh of Egypt, Julius Cesar in Italy, George Washington in USA, Nelson Mandela for South African people or Mani Kongo for the Congolese nation. But, that would just be a chapter in the books of history.

It is because Jesus Christ is risen and alive
That Christian faith exists and Christians all over the world proclaim
Jesus Christ is Lord, Savior and Redeemer.

Let us come together and sing Alleluia!
Jesus Christ is Risen
In him life is re-given. Alleluia!


Happy Easter to Alleluia!


Rev. Felicien I. Mbala, PhD. STD


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