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Peace be to you and your families, and to all those you love. Peace be in your hearts and your families as you strive to reach out to those around you and fulfill your various duties in society.

Our life, which is a gift of God, is full of opportunities, but also of surprises of which the outcome is still unknown to us.

We certainly do not know what can happen to us tomorrow. What we know with certainty, however, is that God is with us, that in his son Jesus Christ, he wants the best for each one of us.

We are, in fact, the bearers of God’s promise of blessing upon us (Numbers 6: 24-27). But, how that promise will be fulfilled is to us a mystery that God alone knows and can explain.

To be people of faith is to put every happening of our life into God’s hands and ask him to give us the wisdom to deal patiently with the problems of life, a faith that is capable of accepting with courage what we cannot change, and a trust that moves us to act, as though God is acting through us (Isaiah 26: 12).

May every passing day be, for each one of us, the realization of our deepest dreams and expectations under the guidance of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother Mary!

May his word be the lamp that guides you throughout the long journey of life! God bless you abundantly and make you happy in your family, in your job and anything you undertake!


Rev. Felicien I. Mbala, PhD. STD


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